Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Waxham Beach Party 2012: The playlist

So I just got back the VloodyCloody beach party at Waxham, and I have to say despite burning my hand and falling in a ditch filled with my own piss I had a fantastic time. I took the Boombox along that I wrote up earlier in this blog and it was perfect for the beach as it doesn't have any moving parts for the sand to mess up. I did get asked a bit about the music I was playing by quite a few people, so though it easier just to write the whole lot up here and share the link.


Ceephax Acid Crew - United acid emirates

Ceephax acid crew

 This is the album I was asked about the most "y'know the one that sounds like computer game album". Whilst not a new album, its a great album and well worth looking up. I think VVT and elfskin asked about this one.

Red box recorder - Colour Codes

Red Box recorder homepage

Album available for free at aeroplane records

I love this album, its really well written and I'd happily pay an full album price for it, but luckily its a totally free download. VVT asked about this.

Clark - Totems flare

Clark/Warp Homepage

Whilst not the most up to date clark album, its definitely my favourite. VVT asked about this.

Clark - Iradelphic

Clark/Warp Homepage

Clarks most up to date album, I think I played the second half of this, as it has all three parts of the pining, and thats my favourite part of this album. VVT asked about this.

High Rankin & Tigerlight - Stepping on the devils tail

Bouncy Bouncy dubstep, with apparently mental lyrics as pointed out by laz and socket, which I'd not realised before. Laz asked about this one particularly.

SlagsmÄlsklubben - Den svenske disco

Another electronic computer gamey sound I like, I was asked about this lot, but can't remember who by

Crystal Castles - (II)

One of my favourite 'bit' bands, the second album of theirs is much more chilled out than the first, but its still beautifully presented.


Tykal - Classicore part 2

This is a mix I downloaded off the internet which brings together breakcore tunes that are classically inspired. Unfortunately its a bit of a bugger to get hold of now, but I did find info about it again on the Mix of the day blog.

Squire of gothos & Spongebob squarewave - Live on tinnitus

Put out on brain damage radio I played the first half of this which is a bassline mix, but then was asked to turn the spongebob squarewave second half breakcore off as it was a bit hectic. Unfortunately brain damage radio site seems to be down these days, so no link :(

Fotza - Live at bang face weekender 2011

Unfortunately the box ran out of battery just as we were starting to get into this, but fotza's mixes are great, and he can be found frequenting the ravetalk forums. The set is available for free download on soundcloud.

Other bits and pieces

I also played one of the urburn playlists I've made for the CD swap on Urban75, except the first tune as its been called offensive before.

Ive tried to make it into a spottily but only 4 of the tracks are available, hence I don't use spotify day to day. Urburn 16 on spottily

Individual tunes

Adele (Jamie XX shuffle) - Rolling in the deep

One of my favourite Jamie XX remixes, nice bass and great lyrics from Adele. No-one asked about this, I just noticed lots of people singing along.

Goodbooks vs Crystal Castles - Leni

By far my favourite crystal castles remixes, I even had it in the previous post on this blog look!

I think thats all the main things I played, there may well have been others, but I'll be damned if I remember them.

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