Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Mini Review - Monokle - Saints

Monokle is an artist suggested on the Urban75 forums, and I noticed it because of the "chilled out footwork/juke style" it was described as. Indeed it does have some juke elements to it, but its still stays on the lines of other artists I'd associate with a more house style like Martyn.

Monokle comes from St. Petersburg (a lot of good russian electronic artists coming to the fore lately), and I think this is his first LP after releasing previous EP's. The album is a great driving album in my opinion with a lovely chilled out flow to it, and I think its safe to say their isn't a single song I don't like on it.

The first tune I listened to is probably still my favourite, and its the only one with noticeable vocals on it from memory, its a good starter one I'd suggest anyone to try out.

If you want to know anymore about monokle you can find him on facebook here

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