Monday, 23 April 2012

Review: Die Antwoord - 'Ten$ion'

If you've not come across Die Antwoord before, you could be in for a shock. They're a pisstake rap group with a dark sinister twist from south africa, and I love them (especially Yo-Landi Fasser), their style is really a mix of zef, rap and rave. Ten$ion is Die Antwoords second album, previously having release $o$ as their debut. Ten$ion moves uses the rave background tracks a lot more than $o$ does, and I think its a stronger album for it. The first tune I think worth mentioning on Ten$ion has to be 'I fink u freeky' (yeah, dont be expecting clever and profound lyrics from Die Antwoord, its not happening), which I think has a awesome 90's feel backing track on it, prime for punching the air along to.

The next track, and probably my favourite on this album has to be 'Baby's on fire', its got some keyboard synths that when played a bit too loud will give you tinnitus for a while, and again some simplistic lyrics, but as ever with Die Antwoord, shout the words along in time, and you'll love it.

If Die Antwoord play London anytime soon, I will definately be going to see them.

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