Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Album Review: Death Grips - The Money Store

Death Grips are a bit of a wildcard as far as my choices in music go, aggy heavy rap, over the top of some real dark industrial beats, not normally something I'd probably go for (I like my slightly older laid back hip hop, the paharcye, MF Doom etc), but Death Grips really caught my attention.

I first heard about them on the Ravetalk forum for suggestions for the Bangface weekender, off the back of which I decided to give their first offering 'ex-military' a try. I like the fact that they had a real moody side, but seemed to be trying new things in a uniquely lo-fi fashion.

In their new album 'The money store', they seemed to have amped up the production values a little, but still kept that heavy duty sound in the back ground, and although I will say the lyrics I dont find amazingly inspiring (I don't think they have any intention of being in all honesty), the backing tracks and vocals together work really well. They've got some great samples in their tunes, and the album keeps me entertained from start to finish, which 'ex-military' didn't quite manage to do.

Standout tracks for me have to be 'Hustle Bones', and 'The Cage'

If you like these tracks, seriously have a listen to the album, it will probably tick some boxes for you. I'm really hoping to catch this lot on some live dates soon, I reckon their live show has the potential to be awesome!

You can find the Death Grips website here

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