Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mini album review: Squarepusher - Ufabulum

Squarepusher is a bit of an oddity for me, the stuff he makes and I like, I really like, and the tunes he makes that I don't like, I really don't like them

As far as I know squarepushers been on a bit of a hiatus, last stuff I heard come from his way was the shobaleader one project in which he played bass, I bought that album, liked it enough, but I haven't listened to it much since.

However I'd heard talk of an EP, and then all of a sudden his new album ufabulum was out, and I was downloading it off itunes. Now when I write these, I like to make sure I've listened to most of the album 4 or 5 times, unfortunately I haven't had so much of a chance to do this, but I have listened to it through.

Again with all squarepusher albums, there's tunes I love and tunes I haven't liked really at all. Its certainly safe to say I'm addicted to the first 2 tracks, 4001 and unreal square.

(sorry, only live available)

The next tune is stadium ice, and this is one of the ones that really I dont like, it sounds like an IDM take on an 80's porn soundtrack. Luckily the album lifts for the rest of it will provide you with some wonderfully squarepusher sounds.

I'd really recomend this album, its not too heavy, and the squarepusher sound has developed really nicely taking some influence from the shobaleader one album in my opinion.

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