Thursday, 14 February 2013

Its been a long time since I posted: Update

Yeah yeah I know its been an age since I last posted here, but I'm determined to get going on the content again, but just a little update.

Firstly I'm helping out with a new soundsystem, hiring to other nights and running our own too. For more info check out Acoustic Chemistry

Secondly I'm now doing the odd mix for Nexus radio which you can also subsribe to on the iTunes podcast service.

Thirdly I've been mixing quite a lot, and learning too, with some new kit and really enjoying it.

Here's a couple of mixes, firstly a drum and bass jobby, and secondly a deep dubstep one.... Still having a few beatclashes, but a damn site better than what I've posted up here before

More reviews and clips from the internet to come soon!!! Keep your eyes peeled on this page

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  1. Sorry, Ill re-up these to mixcloud when I get a chance.