Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Drum and bass mix

We all love the drity drumstep, with some drumstep, and utter boom boom boom filth at the end

Revolution - robyn chaos
Pleiades (zardonic remix) - Efrain Vargas
Wall of death forbidden society
Bad dreams in the night - dylan and kitech
Trauma Cell - SPKTRM (Duomix)
Damage - Subvibe
Razor Fist (Miii remix) - Unumenura
Demolished - Limewax
Fresh Hell (2011) - Nanotek
Drill - Donny & Current Value
Medieval beating - Donny
Ruin - Avenger
Crawlers - Bong Ra
Bass to the top (ft Erre) - Dub Elements
Kill MC (Roughneck MC Remix) - FFF

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