Thursday, 1 November 2012

Mini Album review: Death Grips - No Love Deep Web

It seems like Death Grips have been churning out material at the rate of knots, no complaints from me as they're one of my favourite emerging artists over the last couple of years.

Their latest offering 'No Love Deep Web' is a free download of their website, and comes complete with a photo of a cock (as in an actual erect penis) as the front cover. One the first listen, I really struggled with this album, it was one of those I couldn't decide whether it was genius, or they'd just gone mental. The album has that real death grips 'sound' to it, but over the 3 albums I've heard the production quality has changed beyond belief. Im now on my 4th or 5th listen, and I have to say its well on its way to getting into my top 5 spot for favourite albums at the end of this year now. Some of the tunes are exceptionally discordant to the point I literally couldn't work out the beat to start off with, but this chaos couple with some forward thinking ideas and proper death grips brutality really makes this album into a nicely rounded one.

Stand out tracks for me have to be:

Black Dice: I particularly like the driving bass contrasting the highs in this tune, something that death grips do repeatedly well.

And: Bass rattles stars out the sky - Again contrasting bass and highs working well, but a dream beat and samples that really give a feeling of panic to the tune..... Banging!

You can download the album for free at the death grips home page

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