Thursday, 1 November 2012

Mini album review: Niveau Zero - Jasmine

Niveau Zero's not someone I've reviewed before, but I've heard tunes from him in passing, mostly what seems to be termed 'filthstep' on youtube, which is bollocks, its just metal influenced dubstep, and doesn't need a 'label'

Anyway Jasmine by Niveau Zero has to be one of the only dubstep albums I've found myself able to listen to all the way through without becoming a bit bored. Its got some real heavy riffs that wouldn't sound out of place in a black metal song, but then some really uplifting mellow tunes on it too. To say its a really well produced album would be an understand, easily one of my favourites this year too, even the album artwork is cool.

It comes with 7 of his own tunes, and 2 remixes, so its definately not a long album, but if you like it you'll really like it, if not you really won't like it, I don't think there's any middle ground on this one.

Favourite tunes have to be 'The cross (ft Aucan)', complete with American Psycho quotes, middle of the road dubstep beat, but amazing uplifting samples, this is one I reckon will be appearing in a mix soon (I'm determined to actually make the next mix good).

Distorted rules (Niveau Zero Remix). Death metal couple with worb worbs, all about the furious drums and screaming in this one.....

This release is out on ad noiseam, priced at 9 euros (adn161)

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