Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mini Album Review: Queens Of The Stone Age - ..Like Clockwork

So Queens of the Stone Age is a bit of an odd band for me to review compared to my usual suspects of Electronic, Hip Hop and 8 Bit esque stuff, but in all fairness I was very into my rock/metal as a teen.

Queens of the stone age were a band that I got into a bit later into my rock time, probably not until my early twenties. I wouldn't normally by their albums, I'd usually wait until they found me, that said, I've only got one, and heard two in total (Rated R & Songs for the deaf), but I'd heard a song of the new album, and really liked it, and as I was a bit glum today thought I'd buy it for myself.

The album starts of with quite a clunky song, a good opener, but not particularly to my taste, after that it all picks up and leads into a really good album.

"I sat by the ocean" is song number two on the album and has that really distinguishable Queens of the Stone Age balance between vocals and guitars we all know and love, this is a great song, well worth a listen.

My favourite song on the album I still think has to be the one that prompted me to buy it in the first place it reminds of a lighter "First it Giveth" but I can't quite put my finger on why.

Anyway overall I would say that the album is a great addition to the collection of any QOTSA fans, maybe a bit more mature and tame than previous albums I've heard, but then I'm coming back to them after a 2 or 3 album break, and I'm sure they've probably matured a bit since then, are the cock in sock days behind them?

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  1. If you mean naked Nick Oliveri, then yes, way past, he was sacked after Songs for the Deaf! He does make a tiny appearance on this album, however, on backing vocals, although you have to listen very carefully to hear any of the many guest appearances from the likes of Trent Reznor, Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys), Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters) and, unbelievably, Elton John on piano!

    I suggest you look further into their 6 album career, it's certainly not all cock rock, that's for sure :-D /QOTSAfangirlobsessive