Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Filthy Bastard Mix

Its been a while since I've put up a new mix, so here's a smasher I recorded today. Lots of tunes from PRSPCT and some from others like Killing Sheep and Ad-noiseam....... This needs to be played LOUD!

Malice Afterthought - The Enemy + Kid Kryptic
Prayer's End - DJ Hidden
Dying Time    The Enemy
Rivers Of Hades (Lake Of Fire remix by Gore Tech) - Underhill
Ravepit (Original Mix) - SHAKA-ITCHI
Total Confusion - I:GOR
VD Majick - The Panacea
Misbit (with Current Value) - COOH
Fallen Sons [Lowroller Remix] - Bong-Ra
Riget - Limewax
Dubwar - Gore Tech
Mindfuck - Counterstrike
Judgement - C Netik & Erre
Testify - I:GOR

Hope you all like :)

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