Tuesday, 15 March 2011

First blog

Well, I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while, Im keen on writing, opinionated and like a good chat (well to chat at someone)..... so now's the time to give it a bash. Don't expect much coherency, I type as I think, good when you want to fill a page, not so good when you're writing a dissertation.

Im not really sure what I'll talk about here, I dont do a huge amount, I like technology (unfortunately I am a bit of a mac fanboy), festivals, music, photography, and quirkiness, that really is about it, my day to day job is working as a teacher/technician in 2 colleges, one I hate, 1 I quite enjoy....... I wont name names, because regardless of how much I enjoy/hate one or the other, I'd still like a job at the end of the day, and I'm sure there's probably a clause in the contract I've never read, and the employer ignores at suitable occasions to have me out of the door on my arse.

So what to talk about currently? Well I suppose we could start with the Tories....... animals intent on sucking the lifeblood of community from the UK public. Then we've got the Japanese tsunami, which some americans seem to think is God's payback for pearl harbour, which is brilliant considering the Japanese religion is shinto, and if the non-existent god is going to be pissed off at anyone I'm sure it's more likely to be the nation that decided essentially to test the first nuclear bomb on human subjects, sparking an arms race that led the world to the standpoint of a nuclear holocaust for 20/30 odd years.

What else is going on then, well I've just watched the 'Any Human Heart' series..... twice. I loved it, and it really did give me a of a change on outlook of life, so I'm now going to read the book. I also watched 'A Serbian Film' the other day, quite possibly one of the most degraded disgusting things to ever be committed to film, but it still makes me want to lead a little experiement of feeding men viagra before making them watch it, and seeing just how guilty they feel about their non collapsing trouser pole at various points throughout the film.

Anyhow it now appears to be lunchtime, so I'll be departing for my standard tuesday crispy bacon, avocado and brie baguette.

On which note I'll leave you with these charming facebook statuses (Courtesy of U75), I suppose the idea of 'forgive and forget' hasn't quite been instilled in these American folk yet.

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