Tuesday, 15 March 2011

"Maybe if we ignore them, they'll fuck off"

So, tis quiet at work, and I feel like a moan about something I think is wrong, and Westminster Council are acting like animals on this.

I dont know if anyone else has read about Westminster councils plans to basically ban homeless people in the Westminster piazza, but they're in the process of proposing some bye laws which will make it illegal to lie down, or place anything that could be considered as 'bedding' on the floor in a public place. However the same by-law also goes on to state that it will be illegal to be given, or to give free refreshments out to any person in a public place........ Of course there are exceptions, places with licenses can, if your taking part in a sporting event its fine, marketing- Unsruprisingly no problems there either, and of course the council can do what ever they want to.

So essentially is this by-law outlawing homelessness in Westminster? Yes.

Anyway, if this grinds your gears, the good news is there some kind of protest if you're interested..... here

And if you're so inclined you can view the draft of the by-law here.

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