Thursday, 31 March 2011

Here's a copy of my little rant about the misrepresentation of the 'Black Bloc' at the TUC demo on 26/3/11

I'd been wanting to write about this for a while but when I stumbled across (via Urban75) an atrocious piece of journalism on the guardian I decided to have a little blurch in the comments.

I've decided to copy it here before it gets lost into the ether of a wealth of sensible and ridiculous comments on the guardians database.

Well I'm glad to see so many comments from who literally have no clue about what this type of protest is.
By the very fact that people have to ask whether the 'Black bloc' was anarchist, really shows the level of naivety of some people commenting making social commentary in the media. The flags give it away, different flags for different organisations. This isnt some kind of political movement, its a group of people (with different polictical beliefs) who've had enough of tax evasion by big businesses, money laundering and expenses scandals in government, a tory government who have achieved nothing but lifted the ladder of accessible HE behind them and are now turning their attention to devastating pretty much the only institution that this country has to be proud of, the public services. They are asking for change, not looking to bring down the state, they want proper openess and transparency in the government, accessible and sound public services and for corporations to pay their fair share of taxes.
Vandalism is the voice of the unheard, why are they unheard? Because when 450,000 thousand march in protests at public service cuts and seculirastion of the british society they were ignored, when millions marched against the invasions of middle eastern countries they were ignored. Government has no interest in popular concensus, they're merely interested in lining their own pockets and protecting their investments whilst the people down on their luck watch from the other side of the road.

Anyway you can find the original article here (it verges on laughable).

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